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Andrea Glósz

Glósz & Co. Financial Consultancy


In 1987 I started to work at the Foreign Exchange Main Department of the National Bank of Hungary (NBH). NBH was the place where I could learn a lot in the field of this profession, team work, and management attitude. Even today it gives me pleasure to contemplate about my experiences gained in the Bank under strict bosses and in such a responsible working climate. The strict but consistent and professionally immaculate management and their high requirements set an excellent example to help me later on with my own business.

As another big help in finances, my grandfather, who used to work in NBH in the 1930’s, described a highly interesting financial area that was not applied between World War II and the political reform for me. Although I learnt the theory of this, my empirical background was totally missing.

In 1989 I was lucky enough to be able to spend 2 years in the US which, before the political reform, furnished me with a great opportunity. In addition to the travelling experience, learning the language and the culture, it was very important for me to see how micro, small and medium-sized businesses worked in the US, and what financing options they had.

I came home in 1991, and was about to exploit my practical knowledge just gained in an appropriate way. The Bank was ready to take me back, however, I was looking for a workplace where I could contact businesses and provide real help for them.

I met my husband in 1992. At that time he worked at an investment company as a patent agent, industrial property rights protection expert, and specialized innovation engineer.

We put a lot of thinking into how we could meet the targets I wished to achieve. Finally we took a deep breath and started a business.

In 1992 my husband and I established a company under the name Glósz and Co. Financial Consultancy. First it operated as a general partnership, and then after 1996, as a limited company. Our office is doing financial and business management consultancy. Regarding our consultancy of financial resources for our clients, we try to find and elaborate solutions that are based on arrangements offered by commercial banks and leasing companies. As another main area of our activities we do consultancy for applicants who require our services to obtain Hungarian state subsidies, and since 2004, also European Union grants. Besides, we manage projects, conduct company assessments, sell companies, and do general economic counselling. We have continuously developed our services to meet to our clients’ needs.

We knew that it would not be easy to start a business since we had no financial background, clientele, office, and professional assistance, and our daily living also depended on how successfully we could operate.

We commenced our activities in my parents’ home with our first asset being a fax machine which I took home by tram. We used every penny we earned to buy assets. Thus, all we had first was a computer, and then a printer. In 1996 we managed to establish an office in District V of Budapest, and have been developing it ever since. On top of creating the physical conditions, our clientele was also continuously expanded. We didn’t advertise, new partners were gained exclusively based on references. In addition to the above, much attention was paid to our constant professional development and the company image.

(Our company was involved as an expert in a series of reports organized by Duna TV about grant opportunities. Also, in 2004 and 2007 we took part in teaching and training tendering to customer contacts employed by the national network of Budapest Bank. We held lectures at several professional forums about tendering and financing.)

The most difficult part was to select the appropriate persons. I met several employees who, although having high qualifications, couldn’t perform properly in their profession. Today we're having a wonderful team working in our office, this, however, took us 15 years and a great amount of energy.

During the above period we got acquainted with more than 1500 businesses home and abroad in the fields of agriculture, industry, trading, and services. Although working 12 to 14 hours a day, we gain pleasure from the development of the businesses we provide assistance to. I think of their projects as my own. It feels good even today to walk into a big hotel or industrial plant employing 300 people, and to know we also contributed some tiny bit to their implementation.

I find it very important to remember that, in lack of any professional or financial sponsors, we were the only ones to bring about our success. We had to create everything for ourselves. It is easy to find answers to most questions in today’s special literature, courses, or specialized consultations. However, all these were not available when we established our business or in those first few years of hardship. Accordingly, I find it very important to disclose our experiences since the ‘school of life’ provides the best curriculum. 

In 2004 I was appointed Vice President of the National Association of Bid Writers and Consultants. I am very proud of this, but also know how much work this means for me without any compensation. I have been working on improving the tendering system since 1994. Lots of studies have been written within the Association to handle issues that we represent at various forums.


Let me summarize below the main factors which I hold important for a successful business:

  • Long term thinking
  • Establishment of high quality services
  • Fully meeting their clients’ needs
  • Continuous professional development, constant learning
  • Use of proper money to value ratio


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