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Bácskai Zsuzsa

London Style Nyelviskola Kft.


I never wanted to be what I became – yet I became everything I wanted to be…


It all started back when I was 3 and my dad took me to a so-called Santa Claus-do where we heard the loudspeakers calling the kids to go on stage. By the time my father realised I was already grabbing a mic and telling a poem…


I wanted to be a writer, a singer, an actor, a fashion designer, a psychologist, a correspondent using my English and French but I never became any of these.

I am far from being a fatalist but I have realised over the past forty-some years that opportunities are scattered all around us and it is really up to us whether we notice them and take action or not.

I did. I took action. Very often, I was a step ahead, especially when I found something really exciting.

This way I got to London in a mysterious way where I had planned to stay for 6 months but ended up staying for 3 years! I was very brave to buy a one-way ticket but took enough cash for safety sake. The most adventurous phase of my life had just begun but that is another story…


During the school years I wanted to be everything but a teacher, nevertheless by becoming a teacher I got everything I wanted to. I am an actor, a singer. I even draw during my lessons. I often have to act as a psychologist as I am dealing with very different people.

My tutor from London told me: “you’ll make an excellent teacher trainer one day” In fact, I felt that way, however, this had never been articulated for long until one of my workmates shared his ambitions with me. He lived in Toronto for 6 years and decided to set up a company here named Toronto Style. It seemed great fun to react: “Oh yeah, then I’ll be London Style!”

I never realised that moment that a tiny seed fell in fertile soil then it started to grow as continuously inspiring thoughts, stemmed up and in 1995 it was a full plant. That is when we established our business.

I was urged to get freedom again. We were planning our company image excitedly, looking for company premises to rent but mainly focusing on the professional side – we wanted to be the best! We had nothing – let alone money. Our base capital was only HUF 23,000 (approx. EUR 85). We had to borrow chairs, flipcharts, and stereos and finally found a place on the third floor of a post-communist building without a lift.


In spite of all the hurdles we never felt down, we went with the flow. Enthusiasm was our fuel. Opportunities showed up and we spotted them and took them. We doubled our business every year during the first years.

Before the official opening of the language school I went to study in London again. I felt I needed to invest again and I just knew my investment would have a lovely return. I wanted to be a Business English trainer. I got a great deal of self-confidence by knowing I can do something other people cannot. A business student of mine sensed that in my first business group. She was a financial and credit consultant in a bank who helped me a lot by outlining the possible growth we could accomplish by applying for a so-called “micro credit” from the Regional Foundation for Enterprise Promotion of the Town of Székesfehérvár. We did. We were assessed and approved for the loan and we invested into our business.  We refurbished our office, modernized our classrooms, bought educational equipment and paid it back in due time. We took other loans of the same kind but bigger amounts and repaid them all.

Apart from that we reinvested a good proportion of our profit, too. I kept on learning, participating in trainings, sent my colleagues to schools, trainings, conferences held by both Hungarian and foreign experts.

Failure? Yes, I have had that. I have stood up. I have been modest towards failure and have always drawn the conclusions. I knew each time – this was a learning point again. I have to change. I have to change something.


(I have experienced real and rough hurdles three times during the lifespan of our business.

The first one came when one and a half of my three main sources of income have suddenly been cut. My wise consultants showed me a mirror yet encouraged me. It worked. I discovered that one MUST get up and go and find new business.

The second downfall was personal. My most trusted workmate and friend left me in a lurch. This was far more difficult to digest than not having adequate income. However, I realised I NEEDED TO CHANGE. From the inside!  

Everything is down to the boss… My key words were self-analysis, self-development and self-control. I literally managed to create a brand new enterprise through inner change.

The third failure was the credit crunch – serious liquidity issues, my bank withdrew our current account overdraft facility without notice. Solution – change again. This time not spiritually but mentally and with expert advice.)


Do I have time for myself, my family, education and fun? I do indeed. What’s my secret? You have to do it with a great deal of passion. Your energy multiplies when you give. The more you give, the more you receive…



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